We are crazy about our vision to be the most impactful startup catalyst in Asia.

Targeting each part of the ecosystem, HUBBA works with corporates in unleashing their innovation potential, along with supporting small businesses with our events and coworking services.


HUBBA is not just a place to work, but a community of amazing people from all over who want to leave their mark in the world and be a force for good.

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Corporate Innovation

Leverage our specialist knowledge in digital disruption to optimise your business’ interal processes, technology and strategic goals to succeed within the innovation age.

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We have a range of programs help you develop new skills, tools to access new networks and resources to contribute to, and learn more about Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem.

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More than just Coworking…

We help you prioritize goals. Whether you come here because you're looking for like-minded individuals, answers to tough questions, or a fun environment to develop your dreams, HUBBA is invested in the path towards your life-time achievements.

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HUBBA is revolutionizing Corporates too !

Tailor-made programs

No matter your industry or community, HUBBA has a proven track record of tailor designing programs and implementing software solutions suited to your sector that inspire innovative thinking about products and services that could be applied to deliver real business outcomes.

Attract, upskill and retain your talent

We bring in subject matter experts matched to your business needs to both train and help your talent demonstrate their new skills in a positive, hands-on environment. These programs have helped companies demonstrate a commitment to innovation that attracts new talent and skills.

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HUBBA loves Thai startups and wants to promote their success.

We house a database of over 400 Thai startups that are continuously being updated so that you know exactly what's going on in our ecosystem.

Additionally, we offer custom reports on Thai industry trends, founder chemistry assessment tools and conduct Thailand’s yearly ecosystem health check to chart future opportunities you can take advantage of in Asia.

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