What is HUBBA?

HUBBA is 7 years old, co-founded by two brothers in 2012.

            HUBBA was born as Thailand’s first co-working space in 2012. HUBBA quickly grew to become a technology-driven coworking space chain and corporate innovator with a mission to enable businesses to grow globally through community collaboration. HUBBA now has 5 coworking spaces across Thailand with an additional 3 spaces planned by the end of 2019, including HUBBA’s first international space.
             HUBBA quickly earned a strong reputation within corporate communities as an organisation facilitating innovative thinking prompting HUBBA to develop technology driven, venture building services for our partners.
            Leveraging our spaces and expertise, HUBBA continuously runs ecosystem events and training on demand ranging from hackathons and pitch competitions to fully managed international accelerator programs and innovation training series and bootcamps.  


HUBBA started as a working space, and now provides a diverse suite of services and products


Our five spaces scattered across Bangkok (and three more joining across Thailand and internationally) that provide infrastructure and community collaboration to support early stage startups.


Innovation Design Center (IDC) bringing applied knowledge of the tech industry to everyone from
entrepreneurs to organisation through our unique IP , methodologies and workshops.

SAAS Software

We build high volume, low cost SaaS products that support our startup ecosystem and automate aspects of event management and company
operations both internally and externally.


We have a dedicated event operations team that manages and promotes everything from small meetups, through to the entirety of the conference event operations for Techsauce each year.

What: Vision, Mission & Values

The basic concepts of vision, mission and values


The most impactful startup ecosystem catalyst in Asia


To enable businesses to grow globally through community collaboration


Act with integrity , Show compassion, Work as a team, Be accountable

Our Values

What each value means to HUBBA

Act with integrity

We must deliver the highest quality outcomes, speak up for what is right especially when it feels difficult, and be a role model by being personally invested in the decisions you make every day.

Show Compassion

Get to genuinely understand everyone in the company, recognise the value that each person does and can contribute to the company and support each other to bring out the best work from everyone.

Work as a team

Collaborate and share relationships, ideas, and knowledge with everyone in the company, proactively seek and integrate a diverse range of ideas and give/ask for feedback to improve yourself and others.

Be accountable

Be informed and ask questions about HUBBA's activities, proactively try to improve areas of the company and provide value to our customers, respond with agility when circumstances or mission changes.