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How does physical office environment impacts employees’ performance?

How does physical office environment impacts employees’ performance?

Many people aren't aware that the shade of colors, the decoration in the workplace, or the quality of furniture in the office can all affect your employees’ health both mentally and physically especially when they work long hours at the office. However, the good news is you can also boost employees’ performance through office settings.

As we have discussed with Perfect Working Solution, the company has been working on the ways to improve employees’ health and stimulus their performance at work. The company also kindly published a lot of articles on their page giving people advice about how a perfect office environment should be like. More importantly, you will find out about their own unique office chair.

According to the research, sitting in the office for long hours (more than 40 hours a week) may cause the common health problem known as Office Syndrome (OS). OS occurs when you stress your body, have a poor posture, or be in the same position for too long until the muscle become tensed which leads to postural back pain, trigger finger, and nerve tension.

To prevent these symptoms, most doctor would recommend you to do more exercise or take a break frequently. However, Perfect Working Solution invented a new incomparable office chair with a marvelous function which can help preventing OS and increase employees’ productivity. The company found out that most office workers spend more times with their office furniture than their home ones.. They stated that “A good chair must support a curve part of the spine. The backrest needs to be able to bend to the back just a little bit, but it shouldn’t be able to bend too easy. Lastly, the eyesight and armrest should be in the same level as the computer and a keyboard, respectively.”

We are pretty convinced that having an exercise and a remission more often along with using a good quality of chair from Perfect Working Solution will definitely bring you far from office related health problem due to the long working hours. Isn’t it a dream comes true for us office people?

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