Coworking Management

The Ultimate Coworking Pricing Model (Bangkok)

The coworking pricing model is for anyone looking for benchmark prices or to generate prices for your potential or current coworking space in Bangkok.  

Pricing your space can be tough and that’s we’ve created this easy-to-use calculator that draws from our insights in the industry. The coworking pricing model is last updated in 2021.

This pricing model provides a benchmark for your potential space based on variables such as location, external and internal features to help you in discovering how to properly price your private offices and meeting rooms of your coworking space to drive revenue.

Price 1,290 THB

Prices provided in this model are for:

  • Private offices of various sizes
  • Meeting room of various capacities
  • Unlimited Access for 1 year
ราคา 1,290 บาท