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Organizations both large and small needs to have their pulse on what is going on in the future, even if the future has not arrived yet. Luckily, the world’s tech hubs gives companies an d an opportunity to“time travel”; to see how technology and disruption in places like Silicon Valley, Greater Bay Area, TelAviv, New York, Singapore, Stockholm are unfolding, and what it will mean to your businesses.

What is the Ecosystem tours?

The Ecosystem tours will help you to see the future with your own eyes and come back armed with a vision, strategy, and network that will enable you to unlock the next chapter for your business.
Throughout the program we will connect you with industry leaders to get a glimpse of what they’ve developed with their innovation and growth strategies, what the best investors are betting on and what technologies might become a future billion dollar business.


Outcome Driven

Planning a scouting and learning expedition is difficult, but we are here to support you through this process to get you all the exclusive meetings you need to meet your objectives.

Knowledge Expansion

HUBBA brings you to explore the market and meet with insiders of their respected industry. Pre-delegation briefings and on-ground meetings allow delegations to fully understand the ecosystem.

Get Connected to Relevant People in the Industry

HUBBA precisely select people from your relevant industry to ensure that each meeting will be a fruitful one. Leveraging our global database and connections through accelerators like 500 Startups, Techstars and Google for Startups, we make it happen.

Plugging into the Strongest Communities and Tech Hubs

Being the leader in this field, we have built a network of the strongest startup communities in the world and tech hubs that can help you build your network, establish a credibility and presence for the longterm.

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