F4S People Analytics Platform

HUBBA plugs in people analytic program (F4S) to our services to help many organizations map the ideal organization culture goal, bring more close communication gap and individually unlock the hidden potential of team member in order to recruit the right candidate to the right role.

Our main case studies

Depa Accelerator
BAAC Incubator

  • We experiment the test to participants to clearly differentiate their capability and skills then forming each differentiations into team properly.
  • Each team member understand and can overcome their blind spots.
  • Unlock more energy, motivation and fulfillment.

Other organizations we have successfully transformed

Be a part of something extraordinary!

HUBBA Thailand, iWAM and Fingerprint 4 Success are partnering to conduct the most extensive study of Thailand’s working population, and we need your help!

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Why we're doing this

By getting a sample of the Thai working population, you, and other Thai entrepreneurs will be able to use that to measure yourselves in relation to our unique culture, motivations, and attitudes.

Benefits of taking the survey

By participating in this sample, you will get insights into your personal motivations and attitudes immediately on the completion of this survey. Additionally, you will be contributing directly to the most comprehensive insight into the Thai working population culture and labor attitudes.

How we’re doing this

By taking the iWAM attitudinal assessment survey, you will be helping to set a baseline for what the culture and motivations of Thai entrepreneurs look like. With that baseline, F4S can see how different teams can work together and how different people can take on different roles and succeed together.

I want to take part in Thailand's most extensive study
on the working population

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Who are we

A dynamic partnership of three entrepreneurial support systems

HUBBA Thailand

HUBBA is Thailand’s first coworking space and startup ecosystem. We work tirelessly to help Thai entrepreneurs build the network and support system they need to succeed.

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Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) is an online questionnaire that gives insights into attitudes and motivation. It’s used for job-related activities, such as recruitment, coaching, and training projects.

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Fingerprint 4 Success (F4S)

A revolutionary people analytics platform that is seeking to expose internal business weaknesses and improve them.

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