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October 16, 2019
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         As the publishing world continues to adapt digitally, news media and publishers are tasked to keep up with trends. Therefore, it is important for publishers to take advantage of new technologies to continue to stay relevant. Introducing HUBBA Pressroom, where we help publishers get resources for news on startups in our ecosystem, tackling their toughest problem: finding news. Through HUBBA Pressroom, HUBBA will be providing tools to facilitate connections between startups, publishers and the media. In this article, we will reveal the benefits of HUBBA Pressroom and how it can help you!

1. Exclusive news

         By signing up, you will have access to an array of past and present news from startups that is exclusive to HUBBA Pressroom. Get notifications once a new press release is posted, allowing you to be the first to see the post and publish never-before-seen press releases. This gives you the opportunity to have a competitive edge amongst other publishers. By offering new and fresh content, you can encourage your readers to keep returning and establish a strong base of loyal readers.

2. One-stop Option

         HUBBA Pressroom will take you to the platform where the most innovative and unique startups are, so you no longer need to make contact/contact startups directly. From there, you will be able to find all kinds of companies offering different products and services. All packed with new ideas and discoveries to be found, so be sure to find original stories that will be relevant to you. It will boost your efficiency and provide more insights into options in the our Startup Ecosystem.

3. Convenience

         With just a notification from your email, HUBBA Pressroom will immediately inform you when a new press release is posted by a startup. This way, it will be much easier to see all the different variety of pitches published. On the post, it will include the summary of the company, the press release and the press release summary to help you have a better idea on what to write on. Also, the company website and contact details are available should you need to contact them directly. This removes the process of researching more about the company as all the information that is needed for a press release is provided.

4. Straight from the source

         In this digital age, news publication is easily accessible to everyone. Anyone with a smartphone can simply snap a picture, write and share information to the public, leading to a potential increase of inaccurate news being spread. On HUBBA Pressroom, startups will be writing their own press releases, hence, be ensured that the news is coming from the primary source. Once readers see that your brand writes trustworthy news articles, they will start to trust the content and continue coming to your brand for more articles. When content comes from the source itself, the content will be more valuable and informational, and this is what drives user engagement and retention.

         With all these tools that HUBBA Pressroom offers, one can greatly benefit in many ways from receiving exclusive first-hand information to publishing a news article on the up and coming trend - such as the Thai Startup Ecosystem. In any industry, competition is omnipresent. As a content publisher, it is so important to stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest. With HUBBA Pressroom, you will be one step closer to surpassing your competitors. Sign up now for free and be the one to lead the industry using HUBBA Pressroom.

HUBBA Tech and Growth team