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What's happening with traditional businesses?

Traditional businesses struggle to innovate because their employees aren’t creatively inspired. This is due to a lack of exposure to creative solutions to problems in their industry using the latest technology.

What is HUBBA Insider?

HUBBA Insider is a tailored news tool that finds and delivers weekly technology updates today that will change the future of your industry. Insider helps inspire your entire workforce by exposing the latest creative solutions to problems in your sector.

For companies that want to be more innovative

HUBBA Insider is for companies of all sizes in various points of their innovation journey. It will help their employees stay up-to-date on news and technologies in


Tailored for your company

We will ask a series of questions to help us discover relevant news to your company and industry

Continuously improving

HUBBA Insider tracks which links your team click to determine the type of news that is most engaging

Scales to the entire company

Starting from BHT 20k per month for 2k recipients, we have a pricing model that scales to up to 100k recipients

More than market insights

We deliver technology news your competitors aren’t focused on, giving you an innovation edge

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