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HUBBA Drives Corporate Innovation

Leverage our specialist knowledge in digital disruption to optimize your business’ internal processes, technology, and strategic goals to succeed within the innovation age.

Innovation Infrastructure

Companies that want to innovate, first need to implement the right frameworks to succeed. HUBBA offers many of programs that are suitable for companies of all levels to lay strong foundations to pursue their innovation goals.

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Help your company’s talent develop skills relevant to the innovation age, such as data science and venture building with HUBBA’s Academy. Our programs demonstrate how to make data-driven decisions and how to work with startups to drive business outcomes.

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Companies need to maintain an inclusive and purpose-driven organizational culture to create a long-lasting innovation mindset. HUBBA are experts in instigating cultural change by training internal ambassadors, implementing mentoring programs and developing human resource strategies tailor-made to your organization.

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Innovation Infrastructure

Best in class hackathons that inspire your talent

Tailor made programs

No matter your industry or community, HUBBA has a proven track record of tailor designing events suited to your sector that inspire innovative thinking about products and services that could be implemented to deliver real business outcomes.

Attract, upskill and retain your talent

We bring in subject matter experts matched to your business needs to both train and help your talent demonstrate their new skills in a positive, hands on environment. These programs also demonstrate a commitment to innovation that attract new talent to engage with your business.

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Solve your biggest business challenges with an expert-led Datathon.

HUBBA’s Datathons helps introduce a range of talented external developers that may become potential new recruits to your business, teaming them up with your talent to make effective, data-driven decisions.

Virtual Accelerators

Our accelerator programs fast-track growth by building solutions to resolve key pain points in your business. Partnered with Investible, HUBBA has developed a next-generation accelerator that attracts and develops quality startups without the cost and limitations of traditional programs.

“The strengths of this accelerator program come from the expertise of both public and private sectors which have life-long experience in improving the technology ecosystem.”
Mr.Chatchai Khunpitiluck
Senior Executive Vice President of depa

I.P. Trading Accelerator

A next-generation accelerator that attracts and develops a regional audience of the best startup talent to enhance I.P. Trading’s product offerings.

Depa Accelerator

Welcomed startups who have disruptive products from every industry to learn how to increase market opportunities and better their technological standards.

Better in Motion

Smooth Interactions

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers.

Build your team's capabilities with HUBBA

Motivate your talent and inspire your organization with top tier talent.

Tap into HUBBA’s massive network of founders, academics and subject matter experts to source quality presenters for your next event.

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