HUBBA Products

In our willingness to give startups business support leads us to these product development. We know perfectly well that starting a business can be tough, and growing it is even tougher. Then, these products can help! Whether in costing, equity splitting, recruitment, or anything else we can support. Just let us know; we are right here for you!

" Dream your dream we got your back! "


Startup Equity Split

The Founder Equity Calculator is a tool that helps you split equity with your co-founders in a fair and transparent way through weighing each founder’s contribution, experience, and commitment level.

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HUBBA Individual Strength Map

Description: The individual strength map is for anyone looking to identify their unique potential, which can help with identifying roles most suitable for you.

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The Ultimate Coworking Pricing Model

This pricing model provides a benchmark for your potential space based on variables such as location, external and internal features to help you in discovering how to properly price your private offices and meeting rooms of your coworking space to drive revenue.

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True Cost Excel Model

This is a tool to calculate break-even point from multiple variables including cost of manpower, cost of tools, and through costing tasks. This model helps with costing tasks and expenses to run a project or build/develop a product.

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HUBBA Startup List

The startup list is for anyone who is interested in startups in Thailand - whether you’re job seekers, investors, or just curious about what the Thai startup ecosystem looks like.

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