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What's happening in the Thai startup ecosystem?

Many startup founders and corporates have been looking for in-depth information and analysis on Thai startup ecosystem so that they can benchmark themselves against Thai startups, gain insight to the growth or decline of startup activities in each sector, and identify risks or opportunities.

Although there are news sources which report on new startups or funding activity, there isn't a source for Thailand-specific reports about startups in the ecosystem.

What is the Research Report?

The Research Report is a report generated by HUBBA where you will be able to explore key insights into the Thai startup ecosystem, including their industry and new trends.


As HUBBA has been heavily involved in the Thai startup ecosystem from the beginning, we have been able to build our own database of information. By leveraging HUBBA's expertise in Thai ecosystem, we can create detailed reports for your business on specific industry trends.

Benefits of commissioning a report include :
Data and analysis driven

We are focused on delivering reports that delves deep into the complexities of startup ecosystem.

Cost and time effective

HUBBA is able to produce reports quickly and efficiently with our dedicated team of analysts.

Thailand and beyond

HUBBA is in a prime position to analyse the key innovation challenges and opportunities across Southeast Asia


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