Startup Equity Calculator

Fairly split the equity with your co-founders in one SEC.

Generate a perfectly fair equity split in just a few simple steps with our well-made calculator: SEC.

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Startup Equity Calculator

Experiencing the Thai startup ecosystem for almost a decade, HUBBA professionals have put considerable effort into relieving the founder’s pain in building a business. The one big inevitable topic is ‘equity’, and YES, it can be uncomfortable among founders to talk frankly about it, especially in Thai culture.

Then our team invented the SEC model to make sure that this will help you as an entrepreneur...

Avoid conflict when starting a business with SEC in a few following steps:

Step 1
After purchasing the tool, fill out company and co-founder information

Step 2
Take a comfortable seat with your co-founders and answer all questions intentionally and straightforwardly

Step 3
Enjoy the result!!! or you can edit your answers to recalculate the result

Have you ever confronted the uncomfortable process of determining each co-founder’s equity stake? Don’t let the business thing destroy your trust or even ruin your friendships! Here comes the solution for you with our Startup Equity Calculator: SEC.

The Startup Equity Calculator is a tool that helps you split equity with your co-founders in a fair and transparent way through weighing each founder’s contribution, experience, and commitment level.

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