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"89% of event creators said finding and securing speakers for their event will be a major challenge"

If you’re struggling to find speakers, you’re not alone. We understand that a lot of companies struggle to find the right speakers for their events or are unsure of what their fees are. Other companies find having to individually ask speakers for the availability dates is too time consuming.

Let us help you

We specialise in matching the right speakers to the right events, ranging from large conferences to smaller professional events. HUBBA can help you source high quality speakers across our global network of technologists, investors, founders and more.

HUBBA links our large network of speakers to your organisation

In addition to helping you source a speaker for a single event, we also offer a package of 10 speakers that you can call on at any time during the year. For a discounted one time fee, you can choose from our approved list of high quality speakers that HUBBA will help bring to your event, saving you speaker fees.


Cost and time effective

HUBBA sources speakers for you according to your needs at competitive rates.

Easy process

Just provide the basic details of when, where and what the event topic will be and HUBBA takes care of sourcing the speakers from our network


When purchasing a 5 pack of speakers, you can call on HUBBA's speaker services at anytime within a year at a discounted package price.

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