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Our past clients have told us
" Typical Hackathons can be expensive and take a long time to organise. "

What are Speed Hackathons?

Our Speed Hackathons are quick, purpose built programs that focus on up-skilling attendees (such as your employees) in agile thinking and product development, packing the learnings of a three day Hackathon down to single day.

Start now to build a culture of innovation at your company

This program is suitable for companies at all stages of their innovation journey. The one-day program is outcome-driven and will help you to upskill staff, bring new talent into your organisation.

The world's most innovation companies are frequently running hackathons with their employees. We recommend you to host Speed Hackathons regularly to foster a culture of innovation at your company.


Benefits of commissioning a report include :
Outcome and learning driven

Optimised for 50 attendees, we deliver an effective way to teach your staff about pitching, product development and idea validation.

Cost and time effective

HUBBA plan and executes the entire program for you.

Qualified workshop leaders

HUBBA bring in industry experts to lead the Hackathon, guaranteeing the quality and relevance oh the program.

Showcase your company's commitment to innovation

Running a Hackathon is a great way to create marketing material you can showcase to the world about your business' commitment to innovation.

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